Jon and Wilson Burns founded Georgia Timber Exports in early 2013, as a Southern Yellow Pine Logs supplying company. They started their operations on a 10-acre facility in Springfield, GA. Over the next year, several domestic companies approached GTE for log pruchase and logistics operations for their own log exports. During this period, the first overseas buyers approached the company leading to its first foray in exports. To meet the needs of the growing business, the company purchased an additional 40-acre site adjacent to the original 10-acre location, in 2014. It was also felt that in order to better represent the commercial activites of the company, its name be change to Georgia Exports Company, LLC.

With the last 5 generations of the family involved in the timber business in Georgia and South Carolina area, GEC has a vast network in timberlands. The company runs around 10 logging crews, which supply saw logs to many of the domestic lumber mills. This has given us an obvious synergistic advantage to start trading in HT, Rough or S4S lumber. In addition, GEC has a tremendous location advantage- being less than 20 miles from Savannah Port. Starting with a modest turnover of just under US$3.0 million in the year 2013, in 2014, the company did just short of US$10 million, with nearly half of it to overseas buyers.

Georgia Export Company supplies A Grade, prime and saw grade Southern Yellow Pine logs, as well as several hardwood logs including saw grade red and white oak, sweet gum, veneer grade poplar and Walnut. In the summer of 2015, GEC made its first shipment of Grades 2SC and 3SC of Walnut Logs directly to India, and since then have maintained a steady export of this species. We have the ability to load up to 150 containers weekly of fumigated logs. We are fully capable of loading more than this, depending on the orders. Our operation is fully integrated- we are the only log exporter approved to carry out fumigation; the company has its own logging crews, on site management, in-house trucking fleet and Certified Weight scale.

Recognizing the value of efficient and effective loading as time and money saver, GEC has invested heavily in equipment. Capitalizing further on it infrastructure, GEC is expanding into trans loading services for both import and export. We are handling grain, car parts, generators and fruits from van trailers, flatbed, or rail into containers and vice-versa. Eventually GEC would like to branch out into trading of fertilizers, recycled paper and metal scrap.

Keeping in mind our relatively small size, we are aggressively pursuing vertical integration, especially on the procurement side. This should enable us to remain competitive, despite falling market prices. We are fully committed to fulfilling our targets- of reaching our maximum loading capacity on a weekly basis, and eventually maximizing value addition to the company. GEC prides itself on the importance it lays on “Keeping our Word” and “Listening to our Customers” as we firmly believe this is the ONLY road to achieving lasting business.